Hello and welcome!

by David on June 17, 2015

I’m David Marks, an artist/musician/writer/ponderer, living in Texas. I’ve created a few blogs about various things, and I sell some stuff. Some sites are updated more often than others, and not all will interest everyone, of course, but I hope you’ll take time to prowl around. The navigation tabs across the top will open a page with links to sites in that category, with a catch-all page at the end for everything else. The “Updates” page will have links to whatever new had been added to any site IF I’m on top of things, which I’m not, at times. Oh well.

I welcome your comments, both here and on the other sites, about the posts or anything else that crosses your mind. You’re welcome to disagree with anything, but naturally, if you’re rude or extremely unreasonable, I will edit or won’t post your comment… though I may not be able to resist posting a comment ABOUT your comment [grin].

Sometimes I will place advertisements or mention products and services. They are all things I use or am happy to endorse, and sometimes I get a little compensation if you end up buying something I link to.  Just sayin.

Feel free to submit things for publication, if you have something you want to share with the world. It’s nice to hear other voices. I’ll use it if i can, and tell you why, if I can’t. Just email it to me.

Thanks for dropping by!