New Additions to My Online World

by David on July 17, 2013

Art: I started a site that I hope will be a vibrant community of artist and art lovers related to Art Cards. Check out!

Theology: I’m promoting/educating about the use of non-gendered God language at It’s more important than you might think. Go see and read and make comments!


Going Public, or: Uh Oh, I Better Post

by David on April 14, 2013

What, me flit?

Okaaaaay. I changed my Facebook info and listed this site, so I figured I better hurry up and post something new. I hate going to blogs and finding that the last update was months or years ago. At the same time, I’ve had a very hard time disciplining myself enough to post regularly. Well, I better change that if I’m going to convince anyone that I’m serious about being an independent artist/musician/writer, rather than a hobbyblogger who flits from one thing to the next with no discernible pattern.

I want to flit from one thing to the next, too, but I’m going to hide the flitting, so people will see me as multi-talented, rather than scattered. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.


New Digital Marbling

May 23, 2011

I recently added some digitally marbled pages to my Etsy shop. I have great fun making them, and they are like snowflakes in that every page is different. They come in all colors, some looking a lot like agate. They can be used as backgrounds for websites or scrapbooking, for greeting cards, or cut up [...]

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